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DESKTOPCLOUD - The industrial units in the Cloud
In 2017 DIGIHEART launched a new cloud services product. After 2 years and with the success of this product, the market dictated the need to evolve this product into the industry by creating the capacity of an industrial unit to virtualize and cloud its infrastructure so that it can control its production units from any location. place.

In 2019 we started with the first industrial unit, where the entire production line (robots, cutting machines, painting machines, etc.) are controlled from servers and systems installed in a remote data center.
LORAWAN - IoT Connection Gateway
In recent years we have seen the development of solutions for the IoT area. DIGIHEART positions itself in this market with the development of its own product, which is developed by the R&D department, a gateway connecting the LORAWAN world and the internet connection through one of three available channels: WiFi, cable or 3G / 4G.
BYOD - Universal access to communications
The need for access to communications is a reality of today's world and even for schools it is necessary to ensure the access of the entire community to the Internet. Providing communications to the entire community, particularly students, ensuring their safety, the use of personal devices and limiting / controlling abuse through this channel, are the challenges that customers have been facing DIGIHEART. To meet this challenge DIGIHEART has integrated a suite of solutions from Hotspots, Gateways, Authentication Systems, Communications Control and Security to ensure that a school infrastructure meets the needs of the community and the challenges of today's world.
After 5 years of activity, DIGIHEART is proud to announce the new website and a new corporate image, which reveals the commitment to two key sectors for the Portuguese business market, technology combined with creativity.

The focus and reinforcement in the information technology sector has led to the consolidation of various business areas such as cloud services, IT security, technological infrastructures and consulting for research and development project. This consolidation with the reinforcement of social, human and professional competencies aims to design DIGIHEART for the next years in the technology sector, where challenges are increasing and demanding.

The creation and resources reinforcement of the creativity sector intends to place DIGIHEART as a reference in the area of ​​creative industries in the northern part of Portugal. This is a sector in clear growth and, together with the technological skills that DIGIHEART holds, creates services of unparalleled quality in the national and international territory.

Our principles remain, we intend to continue a sustainable business project, in the professional, human, social, environmental, financial aspects where employees, customers and suppliers feel welcomed and their needs are heard, thus creating the true work in partnership and a better society.
General Regulation of Data Protection for SME
In May 2016, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was approved by the European Commission with a 2 year adaptation period.

Official title (transcript):
“Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) (Text with EEA relevance)”.

This regulation applies to all organizations, whether public or private, which process personal data within the defined scope of the regulation concerned. The format of European regulations does not require transposition into national legislation of member states.

DIGIHEART, as part of its quality policy and support to its clients, has designed a management model for the implementation of this regulation in organizations, with the necessary skills: legal, organizational, technological and technical requirements. The focus of this management model is the small organizations that do not have the internal resources or financial capacity to contract external services, to develop the entire process and acquire the necessary technologies. The DIGIHEART model sees this legal change as an opportunity for organizations to evolve in creating value and protecting their business.
Computer Software for Data Hijacking
THE RANSOMWARE! - In the world of information and communication technologies and in particular of computer security there is a type of computer program that uses data encryption techniques to hijack the data of organizations, this type of program is known as Ransomware.

This has been one of the problems of the last few years for organizations, since this type of programs exploits vulnerabilities in the behaviour of users, in particular in the use of electronic mail, to invade the computers of organizations and with encryption techniques to hijack the data. Following this process, organizations are asked to pay a certain amount of money, usually in digital currency (known as the bitcoin), to recover their data, since they cannot obtain them in other safety.

The vast majority of organizations are unprepared for this type of vulnerability and are generally advised to spend money, to buy protection software without a proper assessment of their technology infrastructure.

The need to make a technological infrastructure or computer resilient to such situations is important for a variety of reasons, not just because of Ransomware. The need for backup copies and a correct policy for them, the ability to tolerate failure, the implementation of mechanisms to prevent the failure of users, etc. this process is called hardening.

DIGIHEART provides a portfolio of services in a way that puts infrastructure in a state of high resilience and in many cases without the need to purchase new technology components.
SECTUR – Security in Tourism Activities
Sensor networks, smart cities and the Internet of Things (IoT) are a reality in the information society. Companies and citizens increasingly require information to circulate at the speed of a click.

DIGIHEART is developing an innovative project to monitor and monitor tourist activities with LORAWAN technology, which aims to create a network capable of monitoring the performance of a nature sport activity in difficult access spaces. This monitoring aims to increase the safety of the activity and reduce the time of communication between the group that is on the ground and the logistic base that is being observed.

The challenges of this project are huge, but the expected results will be even greater. There are difficulties at various levels, described below:
- Realization of activities in difficult access locations;
- Electronic equipment in adverse environmental conditions (water, wind, rain, etc);
- Lack of coverage of traditional communications;
- Need for real-time interaction;
- Ability to trigger SOS mechanisms with location sending;
- Monitoring of multiple groups;
- Performance analysis for assessment of the allocation of additional resources.

All development of this project lies on open technology and communications on the LORAWAN architecture.
DESKTOPCLOUD – Virtual office
The era of cloud services has arrived, however, organizations are led to join cloud services for technological reasons, without actually analysing the pros and cons of the process and the real advantages to the organization.

Within this trend, DIGIHEART has developed a model of analysis and advice for the adhesion of cloud structures that goes beyond simple analysis of financial impact, analyses aspects such as support and support, organizational trends, good market practices and security.

Along with this model, a commercial offer was developed in the cloud services that passes through the following models:
- Private cloud: It consists of the installation of a technological structure within the organization that serves its users as consumers of technological services. In this model, the customer has all the components within his organization and can have the total management of the infrastructure. Unlike traditional datacenter, in this approach the whole information system is seen as a service and the information technology department is seen as an external provider.
- Infrastructure as a Service: In this methodology, all information technology services are placed in the external supplier, ensuring that management and quality of service are not affected. Usually adopting this approach only transports the organization's servers and services such as e-mail, website, ERP, etc. are made available from this methodology.
- Mixed cloud: This approach is a mixture between private cloud and infrastructure as a service in which an evaluation of the unit costs of each solution in each methodology is made and the effort is distributed according to the customer's need.
- Desktop cloud: This is the approach of total placement of services in external management. In this approach, the customer does not have any cost with technological equipment, nor responsibility about them. The entire structure is provided by the supplier and all technological components are external, from the computer and monitor, through the network equipment and terminating in the servers and applications.
Two ideas, one dream...
Two people who are passionate about technology and study colleagues, fulfill a dream of creating an entity specialized in the implementation of information systems, serving the operational needs of the clients / partners, according to the highest standards of quality and safety. Thus, DigiHeart is born, an engineering and technology entity where each project is distinct and each client has the systems adapted to their reality.
Birth and strategic decisionDuring 2012, the two founders of the company decided to join efforts as independent consultants and create DIGIHEART, which is born on July 4, 2012 with clients in the textile industry, services in the official accounts review and medical sectors.

The first strategic decision is made, the non-existence of a commercial department. Transforming the company into a pure engineering entity and each human resource will have the role of representation, reducing the distance between technical implementation and customer needs.
The consolidation of the ideaThe idea of creating a pure company of engineering and technology that was close to the needs of the clients and treat each project as unique is consolidated in the year 2013, with the satisfaction of existing clients, the appearance of new ones in the way of the recommendation. This year highlights the expansion of activity sectors where the company operates with projects in the education and advocacy sector.
New headquarters, cloud services and creativityThis is a year of great news, where we made the strategic decision to grow on 3 major fronts:
- Creation the company headquarters with a space of quality and class, where all employees can feel at home and in connection with a natural and healthy environment connected to the city of Viana do Castelo, city of which we are proud to belong.
- Creation of a regional data center for cloud services. This opportunity arises from the need of the clients who recognize the quality work in the technological infrastructures, they show interest in putting their services in the cloud, but in a relation of proximity, quality and where there is capacity of direct interaction.
- As with cloud services, there is an opportunity to diversify the business areas for creative services, with the same concept of quality and proximity. These services are evidenced in the creation of technical rooms adapted to the reality and spaces of the clients, in the corporate image, in the digital marketing and in the web design.
Accentuated growthThis is the year of growth on all fronts, projects, resources and customers. The team goes from 3 elements to 8 collaborators and projects emerge in all sectors of activity (textile industry, metal mechanics, law, solicitor, consulting services, education and vocational education, medicine, social support). This year the business of IT security emerges with customers 'increasing need to protect themselves from the threats of information technology, where protecting computers, servers, networks and securing organizations' data is the main focus.
Opening of the first subsidiary and support to companiesThe year 2016 was a year of growth, but above all consolidation following the strong business activity of the years 2014 and 2015. This year opened the first branch in the largest cowork space in the District of Viana do Castelo, LINK Cowork & Business, of which DIGIHEART is a partner and at the same time integrates into its network of partners, which includes several national and international organizations. Partner: Link CB
New growth phaseIn 2017 the company had a new phase of growth in projects and human resources, with 11 assets to collaborate in the different areas and a strong growth in projects in all sectors.
The company's vision of responsibility encompasses two strands, social responsibility and environmental responsibility. DIGIHEART seeks to support the society where it is inserted through various initiatives to support relevant causes in the creation of a healthy society based on mutual respect, integrity, solidarity and principles of life. Being a technology-based company the concern with the environment, energy consumption and pollution is at the root of the construction of the business project.
One of the cornerstones of this business project is the commitment to 4 fundamental pillars, customers, people, results and sustainability. This vision leads to a commitment of the business project to the project of our clients, articulating with the life project of our employees and the resources of customers and suppliers. This commitment is mirrored in the faces of people who make DIGIHEART every day and are the face of our quality, even being a technology-based business. The commitment to results and sustainability is fundamental to guarantee the future of our customers, suppliers and employees.
There are 3 main axes that base the quality policy of DIGIHEART, being they professional quality, technical quality and human quality. These 3 principles are mirrored in the process of recruiting all employees of the company. It is with this triple propeller that the business project will succeed, since the quality of the human resources will be reflected in the quality of the work done.


Public Administration

Public Administration





Cloud Services
Cloud Services
DIGIHEART, following its policy of quality and proximity to its customers' projects, offers state-of-the-art cloud services in two aspects, such as virtual private server infrastructure and special projects tailored to customers. DIGIHEART's vision of cloud services differs from most market players, that is, this approach is not seen as a way to virtualize the relationship with the customer and to provide a set of impersonal technologies in a distant datacenter. Within our vision these services are proximity services, with people who are known and whom customers can turn to support their implementations. The datacenter has a proactive role in designing and implementing the solutions, serving as a consultant to the decisions made by customers in their technology approach to support their business.

Customers can expect all the advantages of cloud services with a concept of proximity and support that allows mitigating the difficulties in managing and personalizing the technology to the business in question.
Computer security
Computer security
IT security is one of the problems and concerns of today's organizations, it is also a strong area for this business project and for all of its team. Under this information technology sector, DIGIHEART operates in several areas, such as improving infrastructure security, responding to security incidents, real-time monitoring, security alerts and warnings, forensic analysis and information preservation.

However, DIGIHEART is not limited to installing platforms to solve problems in the indicated areas, it acts instead as an engineering group that analyses a problem and tries to find the optimized solution for each client within the established dimensions such as financial, temporal, technical and knowledge.
Technological Infrastructures
Technological Infrastructures
This is the unique business sector of enterprise design, along with system integration. DIGIHEART's approach to technology infrastructures is again different from most companies, as we are not limited to a certain technology and we always seek to be technology integrators and create the best engineering solution for each customer's problem. For this reason, in the portfolio of technologies used by DIGIHEART, there are open, commercial and proprietary technologies for different sectors (education and teaching, industry, law, auditing, services, etc.). This approach is applied to all projects ranging from the adaptation of spaces, cables, racks, networks, servers, systems and programs, which are integrated and adjusted according to the needs of each customer's business.

The principle of security is rooted in infrastructures built within the limits acceptable to each reality where we work, but always with the objective of constructing resilient and fault tolerant infrastructures.
Consulting & Projects
Consulting & Projects
DIGIHEART's consulting and project unit develops the implementation component of customized projects. This area seeks to find solutions optimized for customer problems, where the challenge is to align the cost, needs and impact of organizational change.

This unit responds to needs to strategic components (strategic plans, continuity plans, improvement plans, systems restructuring plans, etc.) and operational components (implementation of networks, servers, systems, solutions, etc.), being able to investigate to produce technology to suit every need.
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